Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I haven't posted in a very long time, but there has been a reason for that.

First we had a change in where we live, due to a lack of employment. We got fired, bad economy and all that other stuff. But we really don't give a s*** about that.

Mainly I was pretty much fed up with what I saw on the news, the government, and the horse pucky that was being passed off as intelligence on the Internet.

But I'm back, because things are getting bad out there and someone with an IQ (Slightly higher than the average shoe size) needs to tell things like they are.

Where to start? How about this nonsense about using the word "Terrorist", regarding Islam. Sorry, but if you blow people up with a body bomb and say Allahuakbar, YOU ARE A TERRORIST! Though if prefacing  your personal explosion with, " God Is Great" seems a little counter productive, know what I mean Mohammed? Terrorists run around killing Jews, Gentiles, other Muslims, small ponies etc. I know, I know, not all Muslims are terrorists, but if only 1% are, there would be about 1.5 million of them! Call a spade a spade (Not to be confused with a 1950's phrase) these people are Terrorists...Question is, what to do with, or to them? Best I can come up with, is to, KILL THEM ALL!!! (The terrorists that is). Sound like a plan, Stan?

Now don't misunderstand me, I really do believe in equality and make it a practice not to discriminate against anyone (Except for Stupid and Ugly people). But an Islamic Terrorist is an easy one to feel that way about. But giving them trials in US Courts, food stamps or bus passes is pushing it in my mind, know what I mean? If Barry is going do act with a lack of balls toward these people, he is, without a doubt, an Idiot, as well as anyone else that does.

Now this is very likely to p*** some off, GOOD! That is my main goal in life to do so...

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