Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two Rights Don't Make A Wrong...

Here we have a group wanting to put up a Mosque near Ground Zero. They have every right to do it, it's in the US Constitution that they can. I have sworn many times to defend their right to do this with my life.
But is it the wrong decision to build it there? Probably... We Americans have a bad spot in our hearts about Ground Zero and it will be a long time getting over, if ever.
Here we have some Nut  Pastor wanting to burn the Koran. He has every right to do just that. It's his right under the same Constitution that protects the Mosque. This is another of those rights I have sworn to defend with my life.
But is it the wrong decision to do this? Probably... Anyone who goes out of their way to upset a billion Muslims is just a little crazy.

But let there be no mistake, The Pastor and the Muslims have every right, and if they want to. they can build where they want, or burn what they want. We as Citizens of this Country have zero right to tell them otherwise, PERIOD!

Let's look at a little history:
The 60's Civil Rights Act was opposed by the Majority Party, Democratic Party. But it was passed with the help of the Minority Party, Republican Party. The Majority of the Country didn't want it passed and fought it every step of the way, but it was the right thing to do so it was passed.
A little further back, The majority of the country didn't want schools to be segregated and fought it all the way, One Governor even went so far as to send in the State National Guard to stop it. But it was wrong to stop it, everyone has a Right to an equal education and it happened. Now all schools are integrated (Unless it's a school for women only) and that's because All People Are Equal...

Do things go on in this Country that we object to? Hell Yes!!
Do things go on in this Country that we flat don't like? Hell Yes!!

But this is the United States and we pride ourselves in our tolerance for what is different, let's face it, that's why this Country exists in the first place...

But let's remember, just because it's right, it doesn't mean you should do it, just think about how it effects others... But if you must, go ahead because I'll be here to defend your right to do it...

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