Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Someone has to say something about what is going on in the middle east, and I guess its up to me..

Look what events have occurred lately:

  • ISIS has MURDERED Americans, Europeans, Reporters, Humanitarians.
  • Now they are going after Jews, Christians and even other Muslims for what reason? Religion!
The Religious reasons are the most disturbing in my mind.

They just killed (Beheaded) a couple dozen Christians for no other reason than they were Christian! And what did BHO have to say? "They were Egyptian" Egyptian? Hey BHO, they were Christian and that's why they died! Why cant you say that? Why?

Now ISIS burned a group of poor people to death. BURNED THEM!! And what does BHO say? "If they had jobs..." JOBS! What kind of a FOOL do we have running this Country?

BHO has lost all touch with reality, no doubt about it, no doubt... He needs to get in touch with whats is going on outside of the golf course. He needs to actually read his daily security briefs. He needs to read a damn newspaper, anything that tells him the truth...

The last time this went on, Millions of Jews died! Now its Christians! And BHO plays his fiddle while the Middle East burns..

This is what I think, and believe me I don't want to say it, but will. 

I believe, BHO isn't really a Christian. I don't believe hes a Muslim, but he has no desire to help Christians throughout the world. He has no desire to stop what is being done to them, and wont even say the word "Christian" when describing the atrocities being done to them.

I believe, BHO thinks the Muslim Extremists are justified in what they are doing, believing we have done them wrong all these years and what they are doing is Justifiable Revenge..

I believe, BHO does not want to stop Iran from getting the "Bomb" because Israel has it and it would only be fair for them to have it...

I believe, BHO believes Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East. He believes the West Bank, Gaza and Hezbollah is justified in their constant attacks on Israel...

These things i have just stated, are what really drives BHO's current "Strategy" in the Middle East... But what can we, as True Americans do? Unfortunately not much until the next election...
We could try a recall of the President, but it would fail. We could revolt, but that isn't the right course either, though some think so... Maybe we can follow what the Military Code of Conduct says, IGNORE his orders as being "Illegal Orders". maybe we can treat BHO as a non-entity and simply do whats right and just...

As for his friends in the Radical Muslim world? they are not true believers in Allah. They have bastardised the Koran and will never see the "So called" 73 Virgins when they die... 
I say we go after them with everything we have, and kill them all, without mercy...

Will what I have just said put my ass in a sling, probably... 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Message to America and ISIS...

After watching the video of the Jordanian Pilot being burned alive by ISIS, I feel its time or us, the United States, do something to stop these un-Islamic ANIMALS..

Why is it we forget what happened 80 years ago? Why do we forget what the Nazis did to the Jews of Europe? not to count what was done to the disabled, physical and mental, those of color and the rest. 10 million or so just wiped out as tho the never existed! It seems everyone has forget the old saying:

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” 
― Edmund Burke

Obviously this country of ours, has! 

We can't let this happen people! I know, everyone is tired of War, but sometimes what one wants and what one needs is not the same.

Like myself, and others like me, who have actually been in a war, know the horror of war. Its a dirty, bloody, destructive action to take, but perhaps it is time to actually declare War against ISIS. We as a Country, with or without support from the rest of the World, should go full hog and start Bombing the living S*** out of ISIS. We as a Country should, with or without support of the rest of the World, send in our Tanks, Planes, and Ground Troops and kill them all!!!

How can any People stand by and watch what is going on and not do something! 

There are those here in the United States who say, "You cant fight a Religion", but this isn't Islam... Ive read the Koran and I haven't found anything in it about Burning People Alive! But the exact opposite, it is a Religion of Peace and Love of your fellow man. We are all the Children of Abraham... And for the record, I am a Christian and make no bones about it. But allowing people to practice their Religion is one of the Tenants, and First Amendment of this Country.

Now here is my personal message to ISIS...

Assalamu alaykum

Read your Koran. Practice your religion as Allah wants it to be done.. Love your fellow man and practice your religion as Allah wants. Show compassion and help those who need it.

But please remember this simple fact:

If you come to me and try to hurt my Family, my Friends, my Country, I WILL BLOW YOU INTO ANOTHER CELESTIAL PLANE!!!


Monday, February 2, 2015

That Socialist Media seems to have forgotten that "Terrorists" attacked Charlie Hebdo. They pretty much want it to disappear altogether for one simple reason, it would be "Inconvenient" to BHO... (For those of you from Beowawe that would be, Barack Hussein Obama. Pronounced, "Bee Hoe")

BHO seems not to admit that Terrorism is really happening in the world. It IS happening in the Middle East, it IS going on in Israel, it IS going on in Africa, it IS going on in Crimea, it IS going on in Southeast Asia, IT IS GOING ON IN THE UNITED STATES (Fort Hood)...
But he won't say it!! Why not?? I think I know why...

He won't say it because it would detract from his Socialist agenda for America. Without Terrorism he wouldn't have to use the Military to fight it, thus CUT MILITARY FUNDING. If fighting ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram or Al Qaeda means, he can't spend on Food Stamps for people that can earn their own way, he has to deny its happening.
If fighting Radical Islam on our Military Bases means his Socialist Military Agendas don't work, he has to deny it.

What we need is a President to stand up to this Radical Islamic Terrorism, to fight it with words, and if necessary, with all the might and force this Country can muster...

What we need is a President that will stand up and shout "JE SUIS CHARLIE"

Friday, January 30, 2015

I know it's a mite bit early to be picking the candidate for the Republicans but, when you have a favorite you tend to speak up.

Gov. Mike Huckabee is my guy. His record while he was governor is one of Honor, Efficiency and he stands by his word. Which is something that can't be said about our current President.
What we need in the Office of the Presidency is a man who,when he makes a statement of fact, will actually stand by what he says. Which would be really refreshing considering the nimrod we have now.

Huck also knows what a Terrorist is, and is willing to say it, not trying to use a bunch of gobbledygook so not as to offend his "love brothers" in the Arab World. Something we can't afford any longer, or we'll be hit again like 9-11.

He stands by or Military with all of his Heart. Rather than degrade and diminish, like the Socialists (Oops, I mean the Democrats). If we keep going the way we are with the Military like the Socialists are, the World will be a smoldering heap that can't be stopped.
And I'm pretty sure he won't be trading Generals of the Taliban or ISIS, for Deserters and Traitors like the current Socialist we have in office.

What we need is a True Conservative like Huck, a man who truly stands by the values that built this country. A man who is trustworthy to a fault.

God help us all, the USA and the World if we get another Socialist in the Whitehouse, like Hillary (It takes a Collective) Clinton.

As the Campaign Season progresses I'll have more to say about Huck, so keep coming back. Oh ya, I'll have plenty to say about the Socialist Candidates and their love of Government, unlike Huck who believes in People, not Government.

Ta ta for now...

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I haven't posted in a very long time, but there has been a reason for that.

First we had a change in where we live, due to a lack of employment. We got fired, bad economy and all that other stuff. But we really don't give a s*** about that.

Mainly I was pretty much fed up with what I saw on the news, the government, and the horse pucky that was being passed off as intelligence on the Internet.

But I'm back, because things are getting bad out there and someone with an IQ (Slightly higher than the average shoe size) needs to tell things like they are.

Where to start? How about this nonsense about using the word "Terrorist", regarding Islam. Sorry, but if you blow people up with a body bomb and say Allahuakbar, YOU ARE A TERRORIST! Though if prefacing  your personal explosion with, " God Is Great" seems a little counter productive, know what I mean Mohammed? Terrorists run around killing Jews, Gentiles, other Muslims, small ponies etc. I know, I know, not all Muslims are terrorists, but if only 1% are, there would be about 1.5 million of them! Call a spade a spade (Not to be confused with a 1950's phrase) these people are Terrorists...Question is, what to do with, or to them? Best I can come up with, is to, KILL THEM ALL!!! (The terrorists that is). Sound like a plan, Stan?

Now don't misunderstand me, I really do believe in equality and make it a practice not to discriminate against anyone (Except for Stupid and Ugly people). But an Islamic Terrorist is an easy one to feel that way about. But giving them trials in US Courts, food stamps or bus passes is pushing it in my mind, know what I mean? If Barry is going do act with a lack of balls toward these people, he is, without a doubt, an Idiot, as well as anyone else that does.

Now this is very likely to p*** some off, GOOD! That is my main goal in life to do so...

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