Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Message to America and ISIS...

After watching the video of the Jordanian Pilot being burned alive by ISIS, I feel its time or us, the United States, do something to stop these un-Islamic ANIMALS..

Why is it we forget what happened 80 years ago? Why do we forget what the Nazis did to the Jews of Europe? not to count what was done to the disabled, physical and mental, those of color and the rest. 10 million or so just wiped out as tho the never existed! It seems everyone has forget the old saying:

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” 
― Edmund Burke

Obviously this country of ours, has! 

We can't let this happen people! I know, everyone is tired of War, but sometimes what one wants and what one needs is not the same.

Like myself, and others like me, who have actually been in a war, know the horror of war. Its a dirty, bloody, destructive action to take, but perhaps it is time to actually declare War against ISIS. We as a Country, with or without support from the rest of the World, should go full hog and start Bombing the living S*** out of ISIS. We as a Country should, with or without support of the rest of the World, send in our Tanks, Planes, and Ground Troops and kill them all!!!

How can any People stand by and watch what is going on and not do something! 

There are those here in the United States who say, "You cant fight a Religion", but this isn't Islam... Ive read the Koran and I haven't found anything in it about Burning People Alive! But the exact opposite, it is a Religion of Peace and Love of your fellow man. We are all the Children of Abraham... And for the record, I am a Christian and make no bones about it. But allowing people to practice their Religion is one of the Tenants, and First Amendment of this Country.

Now here is my personal message to ISIS...

Assalamu alaykum

Read your Koran. Practice your religion as Allah wants it to be done.. Love your fellow man and practice your religion as Allah wants. Show compassion and help those who need it.

But please remember this simple fact:

If you come to me and try to hurt my Family, my Friends, my Country, I WILL BLOW YOU INTO ANOTHER CELESTIAL PLANE!!!


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