Friday, January 30, 2015

I know it's a mite bit early to be picking the candidate for the Republicans but, when you have a favorite you tend to speak up.

Gov. Mike Huckabee is my guy. His record while he was governor is one of Honor, Efficiency and he stands by his word. Which is something that can't be said about our current President.
What we need in the Office of the Presidency is a man who,when he makes a statement of fact, will actually stand by what he says. Which would be really refreshing considering the nimrod we have now.

Huck also knows what a Terrorist is, and is willing to say it, not trying to use a bunch of gobbledygook so not as to offend his "love brothers" in the Arab World. Something we can't afford any longer, or we'll be hit again like 9-11.

He stands by or Military with all of his Heart. Rather than degrade and diminish, like the Socialists (Oops, I mean the Democrats). If we keep going the way we are with the Military like the Socialists are, the World will be a smoldering heap that can't be stopped.
And I'm pretty sure he won't be trading Generals of the Taliban or ISIS, for Deserters and Traitors like the current Socialist we have in office.

What we need is a True Conservative like Huck, a man who truly stands by the values that built this country. A man who is trustworthy to a fault.

God help us all, the USA and the World if we get another Socialist in the Whitehouse, like Hillary (It takes a Collective) Clinton.

As the Campaign Season progresses I'll have more to say about Huck, so keep coming back. Oh ya, I'll have plenty to say about the Socialist Candidates and their love of Government, unlike Huck who believes in People, not Government.

Ta ta for now...

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