Monday, July 20, 2009

So Who is going To Pay For Healthcare?

Let's start with the Evil Millionaires, those terrible people who built our industry, Cars & Houses & Computers & Hospitals Etc.

We have to go after these Evil industrialists. Let's take away all the incentives to grow thier companies and the JOBS that creates. Why should we leave them any money to do these horrible things? Why should we care if they are forced out of business? It's all for the good of the poor and downtrodden isn't it? (By the way, it will only cover 1/3 of the uninsured) So let's just take 55% of thier income...

Now, we can't forget the working types on this.
We are all going to have to sacrifice for the betterment of our fellow citizens. Those of you who are young and healthy, newly married without children, you to are going to help the downtrodden, how? Easy, you don't need insurance so you are going to "Donate" 2 1/2% of your income so others may have the "American Dream"! You won't need to put money in the bank, your IRA or 401 because you are Going to "Donate" for others...

Think about this for just one minute:
Of you tax the to death, where do you plan to work? For the Obama Administration? And pigs fly...

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